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Today has been a sad day for Cory Monteith fans because he was found dead Saturday afternoon at Vancouver's Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel's 21st floor. Here we have a Youtube video by PotterheadGLeeK7 (Jessy Jess) of her top 20 Cory songs. I guess this is the perfect tribute for the guy we've all known as Finn Hudson of Fox's Glee.

Cory Allan Michael Monteith was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on May 11, 1982. His parents divorced when he was seven which may have been a factor for his early troubled years. He got into drugs and alcohol at a very young age and would have to quit school at age 16. He was admitted to rehab at age 19.

But music has been his passion even as a kid, he began playing the drums at seven which he was able to use when he joined some gigs for cash, and also for his drummer role on MTV's Kaya. 

Prior to being in front of the camera, Cory got into random jobs from a Wal-Mart customer greeter, to a cab driver, to a construction worker, etc. 

He started trying show business by moving to Vancouver where he shared an apartment with another aspiring actor Dustin Milligan of "90210". He landed small roles in films like "Deck The Halls"", Final Destination 3" and "Whisper". He also had TV appearances on series like "Supernatural", "Smallville", and "Kyle XY".

His biggest break came when he was chosen to be part of Ryan Murphy's comedy series about a high school choir titled "Glee". Here Cory Monteith recalls his audition for the tv musical:

On the pilot episode of Glee (2009), the HS jock Finn Hudson was instantly loved by viewers, most especially the girls, because of his charm... and shower scene! The character Finn was established by his dilemma of joining his school (William McKinley High School's) glee club which would jeopardize his reputation as the school's football team star quarterback.

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Another angle the viewers followed on Glee's Finn Hudson is his love interest on Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele). What started out as an unrequited romance for Rachel (since Finn's still dating the cheerleader Quinn Fabray) turned out to be a sweet relationship between the drama queen and the jock. 

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The Finchel fans (the pet name for the love team of Finn and Rachel) were even more delighted when the on screen relationship became for real! The two have been dating for more than a year now. Lea Michele has been so supportive of her boyfriend up until Cory finished his rehab last April 26. Cory Monteith voluntarily checked himself in a treatment facility for substance addiction last April 1. Many even believed that Lea became a good influence for the 31-year-old actor.

There's still no final conclusion to the cause of Cory's death. Autopsy will be made on Monday, hopefully giving us the answers. Although many assume that it might be due to drug overdose.

I will always relate Cory Monteith to the soft hearted and charming Finn Hudson. It would be sad if it's really because of drug abuse. I mean, this is turning to be a common reason for young celebrities' tragic death. I do hope Lea Michele, his family, and the people dear to him, would recover and accept the loss soon. 

Glee is set to be back for their 5th season on September 19. It will never be the same now without Cory, without Finn Hudson.

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