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Dealing with rainy days is never new for us Filipinos. Just this August the country experienced 3 typhoons, and will most probably experience more towards the end of the year. So I have compiled a playlist of 13 RNB 'rain' songs you can listen to for this season of boots and umbrellas. 

I have here 5 things that define the rainy days we both love and hate: 


Nothing beats the comfort of lying in bed with the cold weather, making you more comfortable you can almost bury yourself under big pillows and sheet. Rainy mornings make it so hard for us to get up for work or school, and the idea of cold shower makes getting up a lot harder too! Admit it, taking a bath and being productive is the least on your priority during bed weather, laziness at its best! 

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Rainy days for some reasons make us sentimental, emotional and over thinkers. We see ourselves hugging our pillows, staring at a blank space, reminiscing and wondering... what could have been? Lol! We tune in to good old Boyz 2 Men music while staring at her photo and singing "Can you stand the ra-a-a-in?". This intense emotions bring out the cheesiest status post in us as if the skies are crying with you. You look out the window and suddenly you're a star to your own music video while hearing raindrops falling on the rooftop, coz you're officially missing him. 

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Well I decided to make it a little timely, hence the label. We used to see photos of Filipinos posting sopas, hot champorado or lugaw during rainy season. Lately though, with numerous Ramen joints gaining popularity in the city, rainy days also became a perfect time to sip some meat broth and egg noodles! The cold weather complements the hot soup experience while enjoying its tasty garnishes. But of course Instagram photos of the classic arroz caldo, chicken sopas and the ever affordable Lucky Me instant noodles will still be 'like' worthy. 

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 Imagine combining my first two on the list: bed weather and gloomy weather. Only this time, consider that gloomy weather reciprocated. Intense emotions and a bed, snogging weather it is! Rain obviously prevents you from going out, so you stay in. You stay in the house, in the room, in the car, however you want to imagine yourself getting stuck in with your partner, this is a perfect timing to hug them! But if you are at your cheesiest and you want to go out and kiss her under the rain, then the best-music-video-tendencies-during-rainy-days award goes to you! Take note though, wet weather can be dangerous, don't forget your umbrella ;)

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I discovered this phrase from my old office: "The weather is inviting!". I would most likely see this Skype message at work during rainy days and we know exactly what that means - drinking session after shift! The coldness the rain brings is surely a temptation to grasp a bottle of liquor. Although I would prefer hard drinks over beer during rainy days. BUT though it seems that liquor keeps us warm from the cold weather, it is actually the opposite. Alcohol increases our blood flow, bringing it closer to our skin, thus turning us into red tomatoes. With the blood rush reaching the surface, we are actually losing body heat from our core temperature. 

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You may or may not relate to some of it, but one thing's for sure... rainy days will always be a great time to listen to music! Hard rain, cold wind, life talk, sipping hot soup with cuddling on the side, a round of shots, and a good playlist - rainy days aren't so bad after all right?

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