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I don't go clubbing as often anymore, but when I do, I make sure it's with Mixmag magazine's best DJ of all time - Tiesto! Held last October 3, in one of its rarest moments, Smart Araneta Coliseum joined the EDM experience with Tiesto's Club Life Live in Manila. 

So how does one party in QC's big dome anyway?

All of the DJ concerts I've gone to were held at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City: 3 at the MOA Arena (David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii), and 1 at the MOA concert grounds for Summer Solstice. So learning that Tiesto will play at the Smart Araneta kind of added to the excitement and curiosity to the event. 

First on deck past 9PM is Republiq's resident DJ Martin Pulgar. 

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Australian DJ Tigerlily opened her 2-hour set around 10pm with her vibrant colored long hair and hotness radiating the whole coliseum! I went lesbo mode as I watch her dance to the beat wearing her plunging white top. I started from liking her hair, to being envy with the fact the she's a cool dj to watch, to admiring how sexy she actually is... and I haven't even heard her Australian accent yet!

Photos from Garry Soliman Photography

The strike of midnight became our signal to welcome for the 3rd time the award winning DJ and producer from Breda, Netherlands Tijs Michiel Verwest, we all know as Tiesto! 

As I was writing this article a random question hit me: What does Tiesto mean anyway? Amused by the result of my searches, Tiesto is said to be the spanish translation of flowerpot. Hmm, okay... I remembered my reaction upon seeing how big and tall he is in person... then the flowerpot. Lol!

He introduced his set with Lana del Rey's "Young and Beautiful". Screamed louder and danced harder when he continued playing some remixes of EDM hits like "City of Dreams", "Can't Stop", "Stay The Night", "Clarity", "Safe and Sound", "Holy Grail", "Can't Hold Us", his latest "Take Me", an impressive remix of the classical music "Adagio for Strings", and a whooollleee lot more! Man, he played straight electro-house goodness, how can one stop dancing? 

But there will always be haters, which includes the guy at our back who can't hold his dismay with Tiesto's set as he shouts every once in a while saying "The f*ck??", "Oh c'mon!", "Seriously??". Haha. Well my companion already warned me that, like him, early followers of Tiesto would definitely be expecting his old sound - trance music. 

Tiesto never disappoints, just when they thought it wouldn't happen, the dutch DJ/ producer spoiled the crowd with some of his old school hits like "Elements of Life", "We Own The Night", "Work Hard Play Hard". It was evident how the crowd shouted when he played trance thus convincing me that his market still do long for the music that made him famous more than a decade ago.

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Although I got so tired living up to the "club life" experience by dancing and jumping most of the time, it was still epic! I was impressed with how he exhausted his decks, the stage, the HD LED screen and light shows, by giving us a diverse beats experience, from slow to fast hard, until wee hours of the following day. Not to compare, but you're one of those DJs who really knows how to thrill his guests until the very last second of it. Add his humble smile and cute dance moves to the consideration too!

What an awesome flowerpot he is right? And I bet he's the glow in the dark type!

Photo from Garry Soliman Photography

Forgive me for not having my own photo to share, it was just Instagram collage worthy, forcing it to large size would worsen the quality, thanks!

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  1. What kind of party-pooper is the guy at your back?

  2. Party pooper it is! He was too busy waiting for Tiesto's trance mixes he forgot to have fun. He could probably use your social mag to learn a thing or two :)