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First I heard Sugar Ray, then Smash Mouth, and as I was about to scream, they mentioned Gin Blossoms... and then I was left speechless! Ugh! 90's music all over again, on one night, in one place, ow this is the perfect time to be proud of my age! 

#SugarSmashGin (isn't the concert name itself amazing?) held last October 21 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum became a throwback Monday for one of the best era in music!

This is probably the best time to ask: "Batang 90's ka ba?" ;)

It was around 8PM when front act Color It Red came on stage to welcome us to pure nostalgia. I remembered when Cookie Chua was a household name and the song "Paglisan" was everyone's farewell anthem. They also played some of their hits like "Na Naman", "I Need You Here" and their version of Juan dela Cruz band's "Beep Beep". Cookie shared that Color It Red will be turning 25 next year. That made me kinda sad about my age, lol! 

Backstage after the concert. Photo from the Color It Red fb page

First international act to perform is Smash Mouth. We were amused how Steve Harwell's voice didn't change a bit! They introduced their set with "Everyday Superhero" and later on performed some of their hits like "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby", "You Really Got Me", and "Walkin' On The Sun". Listening to their songs puts me in high spirit! People were shouting for more though when they left the stage. We were all screaming for an encore, most people were really looking forward for "All Star"! They came back but performed "I'm A Believer" instead. To our delight, Steve surprised us by suddenly singing "Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me..." and there we all started feeling like all stars!  

We were amazed by Justin Sutter's drum solo. Me and my companions concluded that this band is way underrated! Thanks Smash Mouth for a fun fun night, I felt like a jumping teenager again!

Photo from

Next on stage is the California band Sugar Ray. A black and white video with Mark McGrath on the beach would always be my memory of Sugar Ray. I remembered how McGrath captured many young girls' hearts with his funny antics and charm. Now these girls are ladies now and still screaming to the top of their lungs when he came on stage with all confidence! Sugar Ray performed all their hits: "Someday", "Every Morning", "Answer The Phone", "Falls Apart", "When It's Over" and "Fly". They also did a cover of The Ramones' "Mean Machine" followed by "Blitzkrieg Bop".  


We also had fun when Mark initiated a karaoke game with the audience. Two lucky guys got to dance and sing on stage! Imagine, you just decided to watch a concert and you ended up performing in Araneta? With Sugar Ray? Woah, IKAW NA! Anyway thanks Sugar Ray for bringing us to beach side that night... and for taking off your white blazer too Mark! Forget about Ethan Hawke, you are undoubtedly original!

Photo from

Lastly, we have Gin Blossoms. It was so nice to finally be able to hear Robin Wilson's voice live. I think his voice played a big part to the popularity or impact of their songs. Gin Blossoms ruled the lighter side of alternative rock. They started their set with "Don't Change For Me". Robin had his famous tambourine while performing and even gave out the other one to a lucky girl from the audience. The band also played their hits "Follow You Down", "Allison Road", "Found Out About You", "Hey Jealousy" and "Till I Hear It From You". They dedicated the song "As Long As It Matters" to the Cebuanos affected by the earthquake. It was their second stop during their first visit here last 2010.


Was also impressed with the fact that they just arrived in Manila 30minutes before their performance. Hmm, kinda reminded me of Rihanna's "late" incident last September. Anyway thank you very much Gin Blossoms for the heartfelt performances that will always remind us of young love and heartbreak.

Photo from

#SugarSmashGin was indeed SULIT! All bands played their hits and gave out their 101% performances as if it was just their own concert. Well actually it did felt like we attended 3 concerts in one night! Although it ended late, considering it's a Monday, what matters is that we were all satisfied. 

After all, how many times would you be given an opportunity to step back into the 90's and relieve the songs we hardly hear in this century of electronic music - which I am guilty to be enjoying too by the way. Haha. But alternative sound will always be my original love, and moments like these never fail to remind me of that. So long 90's music, yours will always be the best!:) 

Thanks Tracee for the photos :)

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