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Is it even necessary to say that I am a fan of this 20-year old band who managed to continuously mash-up music with comic relief? Yes Parokya ni Edgar is two decades old, and for a band who has a fanbase of 3.5M on their facebook's like page alone, does it even surprise you?

For their 20th anniversary, Gloc 9 and Frank Magalona joins Parokya ni Edgar for the single "Ang Parokya" as part of the three-disk album "Bente" to be released on Nov.29. 

"Yan ang Parokya kahit na hindi magaling, kami ang bandang hindi nila kayang patayin..." - this is the first line you'll hear from the new song's chorus and I have here my own 20 simple reasons why (insert annoying conyo tone) "Parokya is really magaling!"

Let me share to you my 20 simple reasons and facts on why Parokya ni Edgar is undoubtedly one of the coolest OPM bands to date!

1) As what is already mentioned, their FB page already reached 3.5 Million likes!

2) There is no one named Edgar from any of the band's members. It all just came from one of their HS classmate's (Bambi Cuna) jest when asked where Noli Me Tangere's Crisostomo Ibarra studied.

3) They sort of changed my stereotypical view of Ateneo boys. Vinci, Chito, Buwi, Gab and Dindin are batchmates in Ateneo High School.

4) Despite the blue and green rivalry, the 5 Ateneo boys welcomed Darius - representing La Salle!

5) Even as high school boys, they were already determined to veer away from the safe (sometimes boring) side and offer what can be considered a risky performance. Their first exposure started when a moderator asked them to perform the song "Father and Son" as intermission to a speech competition, but they sang "Nakaw Ang Wallet Ko" instead. 

6) 3 months after, Parokya ni Edgar saw themselves performing as front act to one of their influences... Eraserheads!

Universal signed Parokya ni Edgar (photo from

7) The names of their first 3 albums are equally crazy as them: Khangkhungkherrnitz, Buruguduystunstugudunstuy, Gulong Itlog Gulong. See??

8) Okay this is not cool but the story gave me chills. Their first hit "Buloy" is about a guy who committed suicide. They got the name Buloy from one of the band's close friend, an FEU fine arts student (they simply got the name, that's all) and he was even part of the music video. Months after the song's success, their friend committed suicide for several personal problems. All coincidence!

9) They were able to pull off a song about "birdie". Double meaning as it is, "Don't Touch My Birdie" won several awards, including Song of the Year for NU Rock Awards 1998.

10) I insist you guys check the story behind the song "Tatlong Araw". Nakakaaliw promise!

11) Because it's not only Taylor Swift who can create a hit out of anger towards the opposite sex. Better check this heartwrenching story behind "Silvertoes".

12) Chito Miranda. Personally, I feel his voice played a vital role to this band's success. It's like once you hear him on the radio, you know it's him, it's Parokya ni Edgar! He is a great frontman having been able to filter the group's decisions especially in terms of the music they make. Not to mention how he handled recent controversies without interfering to the band's career. 

13) They're soooo good on parodying songs that I tend to mix their lyrics when singing the original one already. Some of their famous parodies are Trip (from Radiohead's Creep), Picha Pie (from Cake's I Will Survive), Chikinini (from Yano's Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo), and my favorite "The Ordertaker" (from System of a Down's Chop Suey and Toxicity). 

14) But they also make some of the sweetest and touching love songs: Halaga, Sorry Na, Wag Mo Na Sana, Pangarap Lang Kita, One and Only You, and the very famous Harana. They easily captured every girl's smiles because it's like a crazy bad boy bully suddenly shifting to soft melodies to win your heart... aaaw <3 

15) I can somehow still sing with the lyrics of "San Man Patungo", "Sayang" and "Silvertoes" even if I don't get to hear it as often anymore. That's how catchy it is. I suck at lyrics y'know!

16) On a personal note, my long time best friend is probably one of the biggest fan of Parokya ni Edgar. We hardly share the same interest in music, aside for a few like this one, credits to her influencing me in a way. 

17) They won several awards over the years but I would like to give emphasis to these two: Favorite Artist Philippines for the MTV Asia Awards 2004 and the song "Harana" as the International Viewer's Choice Award for MTV Southeast Asia 1999. Sosyal!

18) They have showcased diversity on genres, from novelty / comedy rock to alternative rock, funk, ska punk and even rap rock. They were able to collaborate with random artists including Rico Blanco, Yeng Constantino, Francis Magalona and their idol themselves Ely Buendia. Their songs were also included to numerous album collaborations. All of these for twenty years and counting.

19) Humility. To be in the music industry for two decades is no joke, to be in the OPM band industry is double no joke. But Parokya ni Edgar stood tall and remained humble despite fame. According to one of their fb trivia post, since Dec.1993 the band NEVER failed to huddle and pray before going onstage. They opened themselves, their inside stories and answered their fans' questions as much as they could on their social network sites. Simple traits that some "rockstars" tend to forget nowadays. 

20) Finally, the 20th. Parokya ni Edgar is one of the coolest OPM band to date because they are after all recognized as the Pambansang Banda Ng Pilipinas! PNE defined my generation, the 90's generation. The decade of quality OPM music! Their humble music became a reflection of our lives, from fun times to heartbreaks and even sexy times, ow yeah! 

And as years go by, Parokya continued to defy status quo while still linking the two decades together. Their music didn't see the rush to totally evolve according to times. They're the same crazy bunch you'd be amused to see perform. The evidence of their friendship became more easy for us to relate to them. The relatable music of Parokya ni Edgar became the anthem of many of our growing years' milestones. From falling in love with "Harana" to "Halaga", to an out of town escapade with "Swimming Beach" or even to those unexpected "Inuman Na". 

Each of Parokya ni Edgar's hits tells a story, our story, simply and directly. And as for their latest single "Ang Parokya", Chito and the whole band tells their story. The twenty years of passion, comedy, heart and delivery we my age grew up with. Together with master rapper Francis M.'s successor Gloc 9 and son Frank Magalona, "Ang Parokya" is a rap rock almost synonymous to ASTIG!

Ang Parokya by Parokya ni Edgar feat. Gloc9 and Frank Magalona

Thank you PAROKYA NI EDGAR and happy 20 years!

Bente is a three-disc package w/c includes 2 audio CDs w/ all of their singles and a DVD w/c contains videos of their greatest hits, their newest single "Ang Parokya", their 1st ever live performance, and a short documentary about the history of Parokya ni Edgar as told by the members themselves.

DVD launch will be on Nov. 29 at the Eastwood Central Plaza. They will donate P20 relief efforts for every album sold, not just from the launch but for as long as it sells.

TWITTER: @parokyaniedgar

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  1. Are there really two new songs? I've already heard the "Ang Parokya". What's the other one?

  2. Hi! Yup, there are 2 new songs from the Bente album, "Ang Parokya" and "Salamat Po" -> which is yet to be released :)

  3. This is a very detailed blog :) Great job!