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In a game of 'Survey Says', many would have to agree that a typical date would consist of either dinner outside or watching a movie. But what if you could actually dine outside WITH the characters you see in films? 

Movie Stars Cafe is a movie-themed cafe and restaurant located at By The Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia. Forget about popcorn and movie screen - it's food, movie and music altogether right here!

Instagram photos of friends with Spiderman, Iron Man, Transformers, and other movie characters in what seems to be an American style resto made me so curious about the place. Good thing I found a groupon discount for their midnight buffet, which is 10pm - 2am, just perfect for me and my midshift buddy. 

We were assisted by a girl on a superman (or supergirl?) costume. Yes even servers live up to the Hollywood theme cafe! The place is fairly big too with enough space to accommodate their different gimmicks. There's literally so much going on upon entering the place, I can't remember anymore what caught my attention first.

There are two stages - the main stage in front and the center stage with ramp. There are 4 big screens and an overwhelming number of monitors playing movies simultaneously. 

Speaking of gimmick, one of the things people look forward to is Movie Stars Cafe's daily performances. In house artists prepare theatre / musical like productions as they portray different characters to bring our favorite movie blockbuster to life. Star Magic talents also performed some broadway musicals like Evita and Chicago. You can check the schedule of shows on their FB page

The performances that night we came were 'Twilight' and 'You Got Served'. I wasn't really amused with Twilight, maybe because I am not a fan of the movie or I am expecting a more lively and happy performance, or maybe the interpretative dance production just didn't work for me. Kudos to the performers though, they're good both as actors and dancers. As for the 'We Got Served' performance... it was a face palm moment for me and my companion the whole time. Haha. 

Twilight photos from Movie Stars Cafe's FB page

Movie Stars Cafe is also filled with movie memorabilia, props and photos. I pretty much enjoyed looking at the numerous old and new movie posters and celebrity photos surrounding the place. Brings out the film enthusiast in me, chos! 

The buffet table is in a bar counter and open kitchen set-up with a huge T-Rex head good enough to eat you! The third photo is their bar area serving alcoholic drinks supposedly, but there are no cocktails and choices of beer available when we were there.

Good thing this isn't a food blog, I don't necessarily have to take photos of the food we ate or they serve. Most importantly, I don't need to do a review about how bland the food taste (or I just did? Teehee!=P). Basically what I remembered served at that time were nachos, dumplings, sisig (why??), burger patty, egg salad, cheese sticks, wedges, japchae, pizza and barbecue. They said they really just serve pica pica for midnight / Dino buffet. Hmm, definitely not what we expected according to Metrodeal. I'm not sure with the dinner buffet though, anyway they have ala carte meals as option.

Lastly, Movie Stars Cafe also stands out because of the different movie characters roaming around the place or statued on its different corners! I wasn't able to catch the moving Iron Man, Transformers or Atom from Real Steel though (most probably because we arrived quite late already), but still I enjoyed looking at the life size memorabilia of some of our favorite hollywood characters! I wonder how much each of those cost?

So there, all in all I can say that you would most likely just pay for the experience here. Why not, it's hardly you could catch upon cool restos like this that brings out the kid in us! I absolutely appreciate how they incorporated hollywood and music with food. 

Clearly with the photos too, you would notice how they used the color orange as theme. I really have no idea why they chose the color, but I did some research. Apparently orange and teal is the new trend to film making and movie posters. According to tvtropes:

The one thing you will almost always have in a film is people. Human skin runs from pale pinkish yellow to dark brown, all of which are shades of orange. The color that contrasts best with orange is blue. So you turn up the shadows to the teal end and the highlights to the orange.

Hmm, interesting. Maybe this isn't really the reason behind the color theme of Movie Stars Cafe, but whatever it's a good read anyway ;)


4PM - 2AM
(Mondays to Fridays)

12PM - 2AM

12PM - 12AM

Ala carte prices range from 250 - 600
Dinner Buffet starts at P699
Midnight Buffet starts at P599

5501234; 09082009999; 09052779999

By The Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City (Near Vikings)


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