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So you miss MTV Philippines? Those glory days of watching your fave Pinoy music videos under the benchmark MTV logo. Well it's back with a new name - MTV PINOY!

MTV Pinoy had its initial broadcast last February 14, a day before the fourth year since MTV Philippines' last broadcast which is February 15, 2010.

I remembered watching the final airing of MTV Philippines, The Buggles' "Video Killed The Radio Star" was the last video played shortly before midnight. The same song is also the very first music video played during MTV's launch in the US back in 1981.

MTV Pinoy is a collaborative project of Viam International Media Networks (VIMN) Asia and Viva Communications Inc. They'll take charge on the local production, on-ground events, and marketing & advertising sales for MTV in the Philippines.

Now what is MTV without the VJs (video jocks) right? The four MTV Pinoy VJs to look forward to are model/ actress Sam Pinto, GMA artist Yassi Pressman, son of Benjie Paras and UP Maroons star player Andre Paras and Gino Padilla's son Josh Padilla. They'll be holding an MTV VJ hunt for their 5th VJ so watch out!

MTV Pinoy will initially be for three and a half hours broadcast, but management promised that airtime will increase gradually within the next few months.

Its aim of course is to extend OPM promotion and at the same time provide a healthy competition from another local music channel MYX.

The first music video played for MTV Pinoy is Zia Quizon's "Dear Lonely"

There have been some negative feedbacks as well, mostly because of the timeslots disrupting the regular programming of their fave MTV Asia shows. One of the feedbacks also suggested to put the album name of the track they're playing, which I would like to agree by the way. 

BUT, let's still give this hopeful program a chance! Find time to watch MTV Pinoy's segments like: 

Halo Halo! - latest local and foreign music videos, music news and trivias (4PM weekdays).

OPM Show - best of Pinoy music, Pinoy music news, exclusive interviews, coverage of events, and more from our Pinoy artists (5PM weekdays).

Top 20 Countdowns - foreign and local countdown (Saturdays and Sundays with weekday replays).

Senti - playing love and hearbreak songs. Also expect some love advice from your MTV VJs.

Pinoy Beats - Hosted by VJ Andre, playing Pinoy hiphop and RNB music and what's happening in the local rap scene (weekly).

Throwback on Thursdays - Just like throwback photos, it will play old school Filipino music on Thursdays, 6PM.

MTV Pwesto - Live performances and interviews.

Shoutout on Saturdays - You can send shoutouts and request through MTV Pinoy's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Your song can even be featured in the show.

There are other short segments like Ikot, Feedback, Checklist and Street Style!

Wow, I am getting excited to catch all of the segments mentioned! Most of all, I am very very glad to find a new place for OPM music, because they do deserve much exposure. I just hope they'll exert much effort on marketing though, but I'm sure they have plans for that.

MTV Pinoy can be seen on Sky (Channel 71), Destiny (Channel 47 on analog, Channel 71 on digital), and Cable Link (Channel 37).

TWITTER: @mtvpinoy

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