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The Music Business classes of the Music Production program of the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde recently wrapped MUSIC BUSINESS WEEK 2014. Only the second staging of what is planned as an annual activity to provide opportunities for the students as well as aspiring artists and professionals to interact with leaders and notable personalities in the music industry. The event is highlighted by a series of talks on different topics of interest in the Music Business. Previous speakers included artist manager Day Cabuhat (Eraserheads, Pupil, Domino), veteran music producer Jim Sarthou and Radio Republic and Imago’s Zach Lucero.

Last March 20-21, the culminating talks for Music Business Week featured a stellar line-up of resource persons covering a wide array of topics:

"Investing in the future of Philippine Music"

The series opened with a talk on “Investing in the Future of Philippine Music” with a powerhouse panel led by the Chairman of the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry (PARI), Atty. Marivic Benedicto and included 7101 Music Nation’s COO Twinky Lagdameo and CEO Glen Macadaeg.

Atty. Benedicto provided an extensive explanation of investments made in producing artists and records from a label standpoint, as well as potential revenue streams. It was a practical pesos and cents discussion of the costs of producing and marketing records and artists.

Twinky Lagdameo has seen the music industry from all sides throughout her career: from her stint with mega record retailer Tower Records, her label gig at EMI, MTV Philippines and recently Radio Republic. She is currently the COO of 7101 Music Nation, the unit of Tao Corporation that holds the annual Elements Songwriting Camp. The camp is their company’s investment in developing artists, linking them with some of the top music minds for a week-long camp in Dumaguete.

In her talk she also described the joy of being a music fan, and exhorted the audience to show their support for these artists by respecting their craft and the hard work they put into their music. She reminded everyone in the forum that it all starts with the music, and that business is merely a function of music.'s Glen Macadaeg confessed an addiction---to Original Pilipino Music, and how this addiction drove him to establish the site, which has slowly but sure grown into the ecosystem of the independent music scene.

"Making it Indie"

The afternoon session was on “Making it Indie” and featured well-respected artist managers Tommy Tanchanco and Alex “Phatboy” Lim. independent artist Quest and Artisteconnect CEO Mark Laccay. It was an open discussion where panelists shared their experiences as independent artists. Tommy Tanchanco, who founded the underground punk label Twisted Red Cross and founded and heads 12 Stone Records (Kitchie Nadal, Barbie Almalbis, Save Me Hollywood) was very frank and straight-forward opinions about record labels and how the best way for artists starting off is to go indie. Independent Artist Quest shared the same view, coming from the perspective of someone that has been signed but eventually found more success as an independent artist. 

Sonic Boom’s Alex “Phatboy” Lim offered various approaches in earning revenues for independent artists apart from selling music, and how artist branding can help artists monetise the fan experience.

Mark Laccay, founder of local crowd funding platform Artisteconnect.

"Music in the Myx"

The second day of the forum series opened with “Music in the Myx”, a candid session with Myx Channel Head Andre Alvarez. He spoke about his own journey into the music business, how the channel evolved from its humble beginnings as the Vid-OK Channel to becoming the single most influential music channel on Philippine TV today. He offered valuable advice to the audience in finding what they want to do in the business.

"Music Festivals"

The second session of the day was about “Music Festivals in the Philippines”, with Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival co-founder and festival director Miro Grgic. He spoke about how Malasimbo, an annual festival that draws up to 4,000 tourists to their location in Puerto Galera, Mindoro, came about. Malasimbo features a well curated line-up of international and foreign musical acts, and in four years has put the Philippines in the international festival circuit map.

"Beyond the CD: The future of music marketing and consumption"

The week was capped by a talk by Jim Ayson, SMART Senior Community Development Manager and founder. The talk related the evolution of the way music has been consumed, marketed and distributed from its physical format to its current digital form. He likewise introduced Smart’s Spinnr Indie program, and how independent artist can take advantage of their Spinnr distribution platform. The talk highlighted the changes in the music industry, and brought a fitting close to this year’s Music Business Week.

Music Business Week was not only an effective knowledge sharing venue, it also was an opportunity for stakeholders for continued discussion on the future of the music industry!


James "Mony" Romana is a Music Business lecturer at DLS - College of St. Benilde and Meridian International College. He has worked in various posts in the recording industry since 1991.

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