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I had no idea Bo's Coffee is actually a local cafe not until this event, and they're more than proud to shout "HOMEGROWN"! I love how marketing strikes not just the consumer's money but its advocacy as well. A local cafe sharing Filipino music to promote talents and strengthen homegrown recognition humbles me a lot. 

Bo's Coffee's second #BrewPH at Glorietta 5 gathered music lovers to introduce their greater aim for Filipino pride by opening its doors to showcase local music in order to bring their customers’ auditory experience to a higher level... 

From their local coffee to their newly renovated Filipino inspired stores, Bo's Coffee sets the whole mood by amplifying the homegrown music experience!

Cebu genius Kenneth Cobonpue lamps

Furnitures with hand woven fabrics straight from the different ethnic tribes in the country


Bo's Coffee have collaborated with three other companies whose aim is to also uplift homegrown music:, 22 Tango Records and Loudbasstard.

This digital music streaming platform has been continuously discovering Filipino independent artists and have been letting us hear locally produced tracks since 2012. Their FB's About Page won't give you much hassle to understand their objective:

"Because we want you to know that independent music created by Filipinos is awesome. Go forth and indiefy!"

Carlos Castaño, a musician / singer / songwriter who has played in various music festivals, is part of Bo's Coffee's NDFY Playlist. He shared his passion in music and even impressed us with his impromptu song writing skills where he performed a beautiful piece which he has composed few minutes prior!

Carlos Castaño


Moving from one digital music companion is the eco friendly and sustainable amplifiers made from natural bamboo. Loudbasstard's special version of amps is compatible with most music players, phones and devices with speakers. They look sleek and simple, I am actually thinking of getting one! Ow, they personalize too, check how it's done with Bo's :)


The Cebu based record label company and music production boasts singers, songwriters and acts from diverse genres like rock, electronica, nu wave and trip hop. They also aim to integrate music, arts and culture altogether. Their tagline proudly declares:

"Homegrown music made for the world!"

22 Tango Records music

Some of their talents are Ella Melendez, WOMB, Martina San Diego and Undercover Grasshoppers. Also included in their line-up is 22 Tango Records founder Cattski Espina who narrated her ladder to music and shared her beautiful voice.

Cattski Espina

Wrapping the event is Bo's Coffee CEO Steve Benitez who deeply expressed his support to Filipino talent and even quoted:

"Homegrown music is an integral part of the homegrown coffee experience."

Steve Benitez

from Bo's Coffee FB page

I was also glad to see some fellow WhenInManila contributors (doing their own cover of the event), including our cool editor Angeline! 

I joined them for a little chit-chat while enjoying Bo's Coffee's desserts. Don't ask me if they're okay though, I didn't finish both, unfortunately I don't like cheesecake. I really don't understand why people like it, or probably majority won't understand why I don't LOL! But, Mariel (on white top) was sooo in love with it they even gave her one to take home.

After talking to Ms. Zar (Bo's PR) about Bo's Coffee's humble beginnings and its slant to promoting homegrown, and afterwards sharing music interests with Kathleen of HomegrownPH, the ideas to elevate this homegrown cafe-music combo just started pouring in! How about local music fest with coffee instead of alcohol to serve? Hmm, I am not a coffee drinker but I love Bo's Coffee's Dalandan Iced Tea so that'll be good enough ;)

Be sure to also support Bo's Coffee's other local products...

Coffee addicts should try their homegrown coffee, their Coffee Origins beans came straight from Sagada, Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Matutum (the one below), Mt. Apo and Benguet. Enjoy it with the eco friendly Coffee Origins tumbler that also supports the local weaving tradition.

Bo's Coffee also caters other local treats like Gawad Kalinga's Bayani Brew and Theo & Philo's Artisan Chocolates!

Knowing more about homegrown pride and discovering that there are still numerous different sectors whose aim is to promote homegrown talent is a very positive indication that Filipino music is far from dying.

In fact homegrown music is just starting to brew, and one day the whole world would smell its inviting aroma that would definitely wake us all up!


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