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It was early this year when OPM band Kamikazee announced their decision to disband after a loud and insane 15 years in the music scene. Although despite the viral disbandment news, the band then cleared that it's more of an indefinite hiatus. Hmm, either way it's still saddening, more so after being with them for their final show concert presscon.

The "Huling Sayaw" presscon was held at Hotel Novotel Manila's pool area where we (media) were joined by Kamikazee themselves over lunch buffet. It was my first time at Novotel and I honestly had no idea there's a 4-star hotel situated along Araneta Center. Although I heard it only opened last October. Thanks to google maps I learned that it's just a few walks away from the LRT 2 Cubao station where I'm planning to alight. Such a convenience (for me) for a huge band presscon :)

kamikazee huling sayaw

It has been revealed that the front acts for Kamikazee's "Huling Sayaw" concert will be - this is going to be a riot emotional concert for sure - Urbandub, Queso, and ChicoSci!! Parokya ni Edgar is supposed to complete the front act lists, but can't for sponsorship conflicts. They'll be present at the after party though, held at 12 Monkeys. Note that these four bands were personally selected by Kamikazee to take the stage before their much awaited set. 

Band frontman Jay Contreras said that while the band have played in front of many thousands of fans in the past: “…this will be the biggest crowd who have come just to see us. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time but we’re also really looking forward to it.” 

kamikazee huling sayaw

But why the need for an indefinite hiatus?

It was a simple answer one can't argue with - family. The band decided to have 2015 as their final year in order to make up for the lost times with their respective families, especially their kids who may hardly see them due to their chosen industry. 

kamikazee huling sayaw

Aside for the main priority of spending time with family, Kamikazee also became open to venture on different career paths. 

Still the crazy bunch and that's why you'll miss them...

I remembered after watching Kamikazee live way back college days I would always wonder if Jay's really that crazy off stage or everything's just a show. He reminded me of Mick Jagger at one point as well, haha.

kamikazee huling sayaw

Of course I was convinced that it's really them being their usual crazy self eventually. But their presscon provided me the sealed affirmation that you'll hardly see an OPM band who can pull off such a laughter filled presscon just as them. It was like a drinking session with my guy friends or even titos, minus the need to intoxicate yourself. They were able to answer questions in a comical yet serious manner most importantly.

When asked about other group disbandments they felt sad about Jay Contreras quickly answered Eraserheads. Others jokingly answered Destiny's Child, Jonas leaving One Direction, and even Parokya ni Edgar (they're still together don't worry). 

kamikazee huling sayaw

Some of the media press were given the opportunity to have a one on one interview with them. I wanted to go next but then realized I am up against big websites. I seated at the couch in front of the band to just listen and savor that moment with them instead, at least before I run for work. 

nina sandejas

Advice for bands and memorable experiences

As we stay at the venue watching and listening to Kamikazee's interview with different press you can't help but admire them more with how they manage to be true to themselves regardless of other bands' ideals. 

kamikazee huling sayaw

Jay advised aspiring band members to make sure they do the craft for passion's sake and not just because of the glorious fame and fortune it may offer. They also gave pointers to balance the time to have fun and be crazy, while being serious when needed to. He also gave a warning to follow the good things Kamikazee did and set aside the bad ones. 

kamikazee huling sayaw

The proven and tested advice of "Keep practicing" should also be taken importance according to the members. While 'Oh Flamingoes' and 'Ourselves The Elves' are just some of today's bands they are impressed with.

A huge Eraserheads fan, Jay Contreras considered his meet up with Ely Buendia to be one of his most memorable experience. He recalls how he tried not to stutter while the icon talked to him. Jomal's unforgettable moment as a Kamikazee member was being with Deftones, as well as those moshpit memories. 

kamikazee huling sayaw

I can't remember how many times I laughed during the presscon interview, it reminded me of how fun they are to watch and their antics on stage which made them who they are. One press asked them "until when will we wait for your comeback?", the band can't answer it either. 

Catch Kamikazee's "Huling Sayaw" (The Final Show) on December 10, 2015 8PM at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

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